Fit U Fitness & Training Center is more than just a gym.

We pride ourselves on being a facility that not only provides you with a physical workout, but also confidence to know that you can conquer anything you put your mind to, and an education to make healthier lifestyle choices to fit your life.

All classes at Fit U are open to any level – whether you are 50 pounds overweight and are interested in trying to shed some pounds or if you are training for a triathlon – our classes can be modified for every level.

We know that in order to succeed in anything, you have to have motivation and inspiration. By joining Fit U, not only are you becoming a member of a fitness & training center, you are becoming a member of a community, full of goal driven and positive people.

What can I expect from a FIT U class?

All Fit U classes are ALL ABILITIES in a group setting where you can expect to be pushed and encouraged through functional fitness. Functional training involves weight bearing activities targeted at core muscles of the body. Our Classes will incorporate Circuit training, Tabata (interval) training and CrossFit styles.